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The Vision

United Team International has been birthed out of many years of experience from many church bodies and ministries on the subject of unity. We understand that we have not always been the picture of Biblical truth on this subject, but God wants to change that and insists that we give our lives up to accomplish this task. In other words, bring God-type of unity to every situation in our lives.

Any team that wants to be on the cutting edge of things need to have unity among team members. When you have unity, it is like a fine tuned watch. As churches in the northland and beyond decide to work together, we will see great victory in so many areas of ministry. We will also see many other benefits, such as friendship and fellowship with other believers in other cities and towns in our regions. We will have more ministry gifts available to use in the end time harvest.

We are teaming together to be encouraged by seeing the bigger picture that God has planned for the body of Christ. We are teaming together in outreach events that will bring greater effectiveness to the outreach. Teaming together will also help in the realms of finances. I know this is not going to be the easiest thing we have ever done, but I do believe that it will be the best thing we could ever do.

I believe God has called us to be doers of the Word, not just hearers. So when Ps. 133:1-3, Eph. 4:13-14, Col. 2:2-3, Phil 2:16 and many other verses on unity come up, we can say with confidence that we are doing all we can do to promote and further the cause of unity. There is much more I could write about the strength that we could gain by unifying our bodies together, but some things must be caught more than they are taught.

A Letter Of Thanks

What a great God we serve! He is so faithful and true and His promises NEVER fail. There are a mighty people on planet earth that are doing great works in the Master's Name. Jesus is in us and that is bringing much glory to His Name.

I want to take this time to thank all the saints that sowed into Uganda, Mozambique, Panama, & Nicaragua. The outreach pastors in Uganda were so overjoyed. They even jumped and shouted as they received the motorcycles to help in the ministry outreach. Others wept to think that other people even would care enough about them to give such a gift. All and all great things are happening because you reached out and said we will help and we will care! Fifteen motorcycles were given to Uganda, and Mozambique!

We were able to visit & donate funds to the food programs in the dump grounds of Managua, Nicaragua. It was a great success. We gave 850 dollars to feed the children in the dump grounds. With these funds our brothers and sisters in the Lord will be able to provide two thousand meals! They are doing a great work providing food to the children and people in need. They are also doing a great job in keeping this vision going forward.

I can't say enough about God's people and their faithfulness; even, during these difficult times we live in. The trips to Uganda, Mozambique, Nicaragua and Panama have been so fruitful! The events that took place for God's Kingdom were mind blowing. Thank you Body of Christ. You are so beautiful. We are truly a United Team International.

Many blessings to all,
Pastor Curtis Jacobson.



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